Manifesto 6_version 1.0

Group 6


1. The harmony between Aesthetics and Functionality

Aesthetic and Functionality can be opposite side but being able to keep balance of both leads to a good design. They should be used in an easy and understandable way.


2. Morals

Every Design should be respectful of the human being. Designers should take in consideration what is helpful for the consumers but still think about their health and be aware of any other influences their product could possibly have on them.


3. Innovation

Design should always suggest innovational solutions to solve conventional problems in many products. Designers can play an important role to explore an easier way of using new technology.


4. Context

Designers should consider every aspect of their users such as environment and background to develop their products. In addition, they also have the responsibility towards the influences made through them.


We made up the first version of the Manifesto on last week. We have various background and different major so we tended to explore common idea about what is design.

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