Manifesto 6_version 2.0

S U N P : Smile and Sympathise, Use, New, Participate


1. Make people Smile and Sympathise!

The first impression is the most important thing to attract consumers. To make them smile, the product or service should be interesting and witty. At the same time, they should sympathize in terms of functionality in a closer look.


2. make people Use it without overthinking!

Good design is intuitive and understandable; it should make people comfortable around it.


3. make people enjoy the New!

New products and services need to provide exciting experiences for people. Designers should make clients enjoy their creations by guiding them in a kind and interesting way.


4. make people Participate in the process of design!

The first design is not always perfect. Consumers can participate in the creation of new projects and it should be like a journey for both the designers and users.


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