Screenshots and final film

Hi everyone, I’m just posting some screenshots from the final film taken from my computer. Think the whole thing turned out pretty well in the end :)


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Design Is… (Exhibition)

I managed to snap a photo before the crowd walked in. 

We had to go with the white plinth rather than the blue and red, the white was more harmonious with the exhibit and the blue and red acrylic paint was cracking badly as it was drying. Our text placement was on the side as seen in the photo above, and these set of instructions were placed under the 3d glasses.

We should have stated that this film is best enjoyed in pairs, after noticing some people watching the film alone and not quite getting the most of the experience.

A candid photo of two very amused people enjoying our film; I even caught them exchanging glasses and staying for a second round!

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Pendulum Film

In relevance to Patrick’s post below, the text will be placed onto this film.

The pendulum swinging in the background is meant to create a hypnotic rhythm in which the audience can focus on to ensure they are in a relaxed “controlled” state of mind in between the instructions they will be give in the cyan and yellow.


GROUP P_Pendulum

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3D Glasses

Hey y’all. I’ve made some 3D glasses.

Well technically, I bought some 3D glasses and customised them, but still. I’ve made two pairs of each colour for our four viewers.


I also made some mock ups (below) of a message that could appear on screen. It turns out that rather than using red and blue text, cyan and yellow vanish completely when viewing through the red/ blue acetate. So maybe we should set the text in cyan/yellow instead?

The images that follow show how the viewer would see the image with no glasses on and then with red and blue glasses on respectively.

The hidden text should make it appear as though that is the only text on the screen, making the viewer oblivious to the way we are controlling them.

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New Manifesto

Our manifesto has changed slightly too, I know everyone has read this but for the sake of clarity here is the new statement for the pendulum film:

“Design is one of the basic characteristics of what it is to be human, and an essential determinant of the quality of human life. It affects everyone in every detail of every aspect of what they do throughout each day. As such, it matters profoundly.” John Heskett

If design affects humans in such a profound way, then it could be argued that design exists as a way of controlling (either consciously or subconsciously) human behaviour. As human beings, we can be controlled in many different ways. Technology designers can control how we communicate with each other, architects and interior designers can influence the way we interact with spaces, advertising companies and graphic designers can manipulate how we feel about companies and products, and product designers can control how we carry out certain tasks by creating objects that perform a particular function.

We wanted to discuss the idea that design can manipulate how we behave as human beings in subliminal ways. The resulting film shows how designers can control how people interact with their environment and the people around them. Whilst the viewer feels they are making decisions based on either what they read on screen or what they consider to be their own choices, the whole environment is controlled by the designer, who by playing the participants off against each other can make people question how they behave and whether the decisions they make are their own or in fact influenced strongly by the designed environment around them. 

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After our trip to London before Christmas, the project took a different turn as much of the footage we gathered was quite samey and hard to edit. The problem we had in editing it was that much of the footage was quite lo-fi and we couldn’t find a convincing enough way to edit it together to create a coherent response to our idea of control.

After going back to the earlier idea we had of a swinging pendulum, we realised we had more control over the film and the way we wished to exhibit it.

The mock up is shown below and Nada has found a pocket watch that she is going to film swinging like a pendulum in the way that psyciatrists hypnotise patients. I think we all agree that this discusses the idea of control much better than the film we took in London, or at least equally. And we have much more control over the final outcome too.

Pendulum Mock Up

In the exhibition there will be four chairs with sets of 3D glasses on like the ones shown below:

I’ve got hold of four pairs of these and the idea is to replace the lenses so that two pairs have two blue lenses and the other two pairs have red lenses.

The messages on screen will show up in both red and blue simultaneously so that the viewer wearing the red glasses sees a different message at the same time as the one wearing the blue.

I’ll post some ideas about what sort of commands we can put on the video, does anyone have any ideas about the sort of things we could write?

We also need to write some instructions for the person who is viewing the film to read when they sit down which need to be designed and printed.

I’ll upload pictures of the glasses at some point today or tomorrow :)

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LED lights

I found this 6.3m long LED lights with on/off switch. :D

With that length maybe we can spell the words on the sign with it?

I think I’ll get it anyway cause I can use it in my illustration project as well.


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Some Inspiration Regarding Signs

I really like this experiment which started from 2004. In that year, Juan Mann began offering “Free Hugs” in Pitt Street Mall, Sydney. He carried a placard and waited for passers-by to approach him. Initially his offer was greeted with some scepticism, but eventually the idea took on something of a cult following. Shimon Moore, lead singer of the Australian band Sick Puppies,produced a video of Mann, recording the early stages of the campaign, how it spread, an attempt by the police to ban it, and the collection of signatures backing Mann. The video created a big stir on YouTube and was seen by over 50 million people. This resulted in a worldwide Free Hugs movement.


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So we agreed the other day on which signs we are going to make in order to conduct our experiments. They are as follows:

– Don’t Look Up (with a sign on the ceiling above the sign saying ‘Told you not to’ or something similar)
– Keep off the Grass (made from turf or grass like texture, to be put in urban environments)
– Don’t Look in This Box (box with a light and camera inside catch the reactions of the people looking inside)
– Don’t Use This Elevator (playing with people’s reactions to warning signs)
– Don’t Read This Sign (self explanatory, humorous)
– Touch Me (LED lights sign, which we will get people to touch and then cut the power to see how they react to the idea that they’ve broken the sign)
– Reserved (to put on bus seats, film/ photograph reaction)
– Toilet doors (exhibition)

Obviously, some of the signs can be left for a later date, but the ones we need for the filming have to be made by tuesday. I can email Paul if we are still planning to film on tuesday, I’m sure he’ll be fine with us skipping the meeting if we are using the time to do our project. Unless we want to wait until next saturday to do the filming (might be cutting it a little fine though).

I will upload the reserved signage tonight or tomorrow at some point and am going to try and source some sort of turf or grass-like matt to cut into for the ‘Keep off the Grass’ sign.

We may need to borrow a camera on tuesday if we are filming too, I can ask about that on Monday when I go in.

Has anyone else had any further ideas about the signs, or made any? Would be good to get some visuals done over the weekend so we know where we are for filming :)

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50 Absolutely Stunning 3D Street Art

I just find 50 absolutely stunning 3D street printing…

There all look amazing!…–jM8bMCFUfJtAodOD0Asg



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