3D Glasses

Hey y’all. I’ve made some 3D glasses.

Well technically, I bought some 3D glasses and customised them, but still. I’ve made two pairs of each colour for our four viewers.


I also made some mock ups (below) of a message that could appear on screen. It turns out that rather than using red and blue text, cyan and yellow vanish completely when viewing through the red/ blue acetate. So maybe we should set the text in cyan/yellow instead?

The images that follow show how the viewer would see the image with no glasses on and then with red and blue glasses on respectively.

The hidden text should make it appear as though that is the only text on the screen, making the viewer oblivious to the way we are controlling them.

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About Patrick O'Leary

Freelance illustrator and MA Communication Design student. Loves Jim Flora, Daniel Eatock and Saul Bass. From the north.
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4 Responses to 3D Glasses

  1. Profile photo of Woongsik Woo Woongsik Woo says:

    Well done Patrick!!!
    I want to see real one ..

    And how do you think what time do we meet tomorrow before meeting tutor??
    3pm is ok??

  2. hi thanks for you work about that
    i think maybe make the word like cyan/yellow will be much better
    but just i think…

    i am not sure about that

  3. Profile photo of Nada Dalloul Nada Dalloul says:

    Hey guys

    we will meet tomorrow at 10:30 as usual!

  4. Profile photo of Woongsik Woo Woongsik Woo says:

    OK I’ll try~~~^^

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