Design Is… (Exhibition)

I managed to snap a photo before the crowd walked in. 

We had to go with the white plinth rather than the blue and red, the white was more harmonious with the exhibit and the blue and red acrylic paint was cracking badly as it was drying. Our text placement was on the side as seen in the photo above, and these set of instructions were placed under the 3d glasses.

We should have stated that this film is best enjoyed in pairs, after noticing some people watching the film alone and not quite getting the most of the experience.

A candid photo of two very amused people enjoying our film; I even caught them exchanging glasses and staying for a second round!

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2 Responses to Design Is… (Exhibition)

  1. Sorry about i miss the open of this exhibition

    Well done guys…
    Really thanks everyone in our group

  2. Thank you for uploading our exhibition pictures.
    We have all done a really good job.
    Afterwards I had preferred to project the film on a white wall instead on a tv. The reason for that is because I really like the vintage feeling of the pendulum and a wall had highlighted it even more. And perhaps it would been simpler to read the 3d font.
    During the exhibition I also observed people watching our film. I agree with you Nada that we should have stated to watch in pairs and not alone.
    What I also saw that some of them were a little bit confused and asked each other: “What can you read?” “I read that…” But in my opinion that is the fascination of a 3d film. Nevertheless it was an interesting experience for them about what our group thinks that design is.

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