5. Design that is familiar.

comfortable | brand | loyalty habit | used | classic timeless | boring | tired | easy | traditional | cultural | habitual stuck in ways | repetitive | dull | trustworthy | intelligent

Unfamiliar design we like

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  1. Avatar of Ann Brown says:

    - well known from long or close association
    - commonly or generally known or seen
    - well-acquainted; thoroughly conversant
    - informal; easygoing; unceremonious; unconstrained
    - closely intimate or personal
    - unduly intimate; too personal; taking liberties; presuming

    On further reflection – I can’t help but wonder if we have chosen a point that is too subjective? Or am I wrong, and it is acceptable because we all love or hate familiarity at different times, and that is OK? Design is always going to be subjective, no matter which point we try and address?

    Familiarity and of course unfamiliarity are very personal things. For me, these doorbells and handbag drinks dispensers do not demonstrate Design I love that is familiar – they are all unfamiliar and dare I say it, a little tacky. I am missing the point though, I realise.

    I can’t help but wonder if it is even possible to represent this with two agreed items, one in the positive and one the negative. A challenge I suppose!

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