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The Start of a Journey | Version 1 of the First Part of Our presentation

Hello guys, Please have a look at what I have in mind for the first part of our presentation. I hope it is aligned with our vision and the discussion we have had earlier today on how we want to … Continue reading

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Infographics: An Inspiring mixture of art and information!

Hello guys, In case we decided to compile the results of the surveys we have conducted in some sort of an infographic visual to be displayed at the exhibition– or in case we might be interested in gathering the results … Continue reading

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One Idea for the Final exhibition Piece: The Abstract Tree

Hello guys, I am uploading my visualization for the final concept. The way I imagined it would be after our multiple discussions and based on the tutors feedback, as well as, the result from the surveys conducted is something that … Continue reading

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Results of Design Process Survey by Products Design Students

As part of our journey to crystallize the final concept of our exhibition piece, we sought it will be highly beneficial to see how different students, from various backgrounds, can each respond to the same tasks by adopting a different … Continue reading

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Testing the “Scratch a Card” Feature for the Final Exhibition Piece

Hey guys, So here is my feedback regarding the  “scratch and explore” sort of feedback we are looking on incorporating onto our  final exhibition piece. I started by drawing 2 objects. I made sure the object are not very precise … Continue reading

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