Present negative critical commentary

This is a very strong and effective poster, however it still have it’s drawbacks.   Firstly, the kid that age shot in this poster is quite young, he do not have ability to act crying, he was very likely to cry when he was shooting, so from the aspect of the process of making this poster, it do exist some problem, and there are serials of posters around the title “Verbal abuse is till abuse”, each poster will be the moment when kids are crying. How can they shoot this photos?   Secondly, when the posters were published and issued to the public, the audiences must be including all age groups, it might educated the adults effectively, while as for young children, they do not have ability to distinguish between right and wrong, it is easy for them to exaggerate the negative side of their parents’ comments after seeing these strongly psychologically guided posters. Some younger kids probably cannot fully understand the meaning of this poster, but the scare hand and painful expression can be received by them, some simple word like “stupid, punk, worthless, fool…”, they might understand,  all these negative information are delivered to the kids which is very bad as well.


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