Present positive critical commentary

This is a table wooden foldable shelf, as for me, it has become one of the indispensable objects in library, I used it for four years in the university in China, even now sometimes I feel uncomfortable when I read in the library without it. There are many advantages of this product, firstly, the main function of it is holding the book steady, then it bring convenience for art students copy works from books. A lot of heavy and thick picture books can be hold by this shelf, which is very convenient for readers reading and copy practice from the books. You wouldn’t feel tired even you read long time, and it is very easy for page turning, as for books itself, the way of reading and page turning is very good for books protect, it can reduce or avoid the possibilities of damage for books. The triangle structure design means its stability, no matter how big or how heavy the book is, it can be hold steadily. Secondly, it change the reading way of readers. books are hold to standing up with some angularities, which is very comfortable for reading, the proper distance between eyes to the books is very good for eyes protecting.a bookshelf

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