Design comes from life

This is one of the advertisement for Muji

I really like his design Japanese graphic designer and curator Kenya Hara.

He is art director of Muji since 2001 and designed the opening and closing ceremony programs of the Nagano Winter Olympic Games 1998.

Kenya Hara is considered a leading design personality in Japan and in 2000 had his own exhibition “Re-Design: The Daily Products of the 21st Century”.

Here is some link about his design…

It is looks simple but it is let people feel like comes from our life and useful.

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  1. Hey Akane,

    This looks very interesting. I love the Juice Skin project where he uses the skin of different fruits to make the packaging. Not sure if it’s real or just made to look like it. Either way, I think it’s pretty clever. It’s also fun, which is something I personally love about design, when it’s humorous or quirky!

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