Illustrator version sketch



屏幕快照 2013-11-15 上午01.06.42

Some adventages of this chart are:
1.Both color and size highlight important design process for most of the people.
2.”DISCOVER=>DEFINE=>DEVELOP=>DELIVER”  has a specific turn but key words are not limited by any catalog (eg. it could in between discover and define or other two)
3. Looks journey (ahhha)
4. Could anyone helps me to improve it? :D


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Inforgraphic solution sketch


This is the sketch drew on Tuesday, following the inspriation from my last post. link:
It overall have a design process  “DISCOVER=>DEFINE=>DEVELOP=>DELIVER” from the top to bottom to be structure.

Our summary keywords from design process collection will be the circle, circles size depend on how frequently people go through this process,  the more the larger.

Colourful line link circles shows one person’s process.


Secondly I try to improve its visual appearance. Mainly focusing on how to link the circle with lines but not messed up aesthetic.


I’m now making this testing idea in illustrator, will post it soon.

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Timeline info-graphics and animated maps


These are a couple of info graphics that i found quite nice. Almost all of them have a timeline aspect to them. This i thought was very relevant to what we are trying to convey. Also the layout of the text in some of these is set next to where the event happens on the timeline the events that are similar are  closer to each other so there is a nice flow in the information received which i thought was quite successful.

Lost Timeline Infographic – David Ryan Andersson


 Lissette Arias Bio Tieline Infographic



Seriously Nerding Out – Infographic: A Visual Timeline of the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Universe


Design process infographic-Raaya Designs RAAYA-PROCESS



While researching also i came across  this example of an animated map that caught my eye which covered some of the same topics we are trying to cover.


The creative process 


i especially liked this little detail





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First attempt at visualisation of data

Follow this link to download an indesign document of the visualisation Saskia, Kai, and Tania worked on on Tuesday


I’ll upload an eps soon as well.

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Infographic idea


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The Start of a Journey | Version 1 of the First Part of Our presentation

Hello guys,

Please have a look at what I have in mind for the first part of our presentation. I hope it is aligned with our vision and the discussion we have had earlier today on how we want to kick off the presentation. Please provide me with comments and feedback so we may perfect this and move on to the next phase :)

slide 1 slide 2 slide 3 slide 4
alide 6

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Merging the manifestos

Attempt at merging the manifestos after reflecting the direction our work is going:

Continue reading

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Cool infographics gallery

Another infographic collection

They have good example at manage information and categorize them.

For more infomation just click the link! THX


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Information is Beautiful

Hey Guys I found a nice infographic site, it has variety of visualization of information.
Information is Beautiful:

their “thought” categories are similar to our research area. It worth to have a look!


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an idea from words catagories

Most of the beginning are quite similar in every disciplines and every designs.  And I got an idea from Saskia’s tube map that we could do as a travel zone.  So, I got this.

Idea note_20131111_233700_01-1

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