Infographics: An Inspiring mixture of art and information!

Hello guys,

In case we decided to compile the results of the surveys we have conducted in some sort of an infographic visual to be displayed at the exhibition– or in case we might be interested in gathering the results we get from the visitors trying to work their way through design process via our exhibition piece in an interesting way–here are few infographics that I came across recently, and which caught my attention especially because they tackle some of the most important structural elements of good design:


The below example of infographic is straight forward. However, it sort of helps the designer map the results of their choice to opt for cost-effective or high quality design, a debate that is always present. Perhaps we can highlight this by choosing a color to every discipline and seeing how each perceive design differently, depending on the task they were given to achieve:

For example, this infographics focuses on the way in which colors are used in certain identity designs and branding, it all comes down to psychology. It breaks down the most common colors and shows how they affect marketing tactics, emotions, and even politics:


I think this might be inspiring. After all, we might end up not pursuing this direction after all, however, in case we decide to incorporate infographic at some point in our group project this might work as a source of inspiration!

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Design Process – Architecture Students




This is my personal design process for designing each of these items.



my design prossess

These are the answers that architecture students gave me once i asked them to design each of these items.

1. bag


3. transport system

4. public square/park


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Fashion group

This is the result I asked fashion student

Page0001 Page0002 Page0003 Page0004

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One Idea for the Final exhibition Piece: The Abstract Tree

Hello guys,

I am uploading my visualization for the final concept. The way I imagined it would be after our multiple discussions and based on the tutors feedback, as well as, the result from the surveys conducted is something that resembles an abstract tree. A piece that has many branches, but mainly two trunks, one that symbolizes the left brain side and the other that stands for the right brain side. Each of these branches will symbolize several steps/skills that a designer must undertake or follow to achieve their aim. Example: getting inspiration, understanding the brief, locating the problem, brainstorming, iteration, prototyping, etc.. Again, each visitor can pick the thread color that corresponds to their educational or vocational background and use it to draw their own design journey or process. The final piece would create a lovely and colorful 3 Dimensional piece of art that allows us to compare and evaluate how different design activities differ in terms of skills and processes from one discipline to another and how they alternate and overlap between left brain and right brain activity.

Please let me know what you think, your comments are welcomed :) 2013-11-10 19.24.41

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Results of Design Process Survey by Products Design Students

As part of our journey to crystallize the final concept of our exhibition piece, we sought it will be highly beneficial to see how different students, from various backgrounds, can each respond to the same tasks by adopting a different design process. Hence, each one of our group members had to survey students from a specific discipline about what process do they adopt when designing:  a bag,  public square, a poster, and a transport system.
Here are the results of the survey conducted on Product Design students:

survey #1

Survey #3

2013-11-10 18.27.34

2013-11-10 18.33.39

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Categorisation of Design Process items

Categorising items in processes according to the Design Council’s Double Diamond process 

Here’s a link to a typed version of the list and categorisation we compiled on Sunday at the group meeting if you want to use that.


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Ideas to visualise processes as map

Ideas generated in meeting on 10 Nov  - how to process / present processes:

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Ersilia_italo calvino

This is the story from the book Invisible cities of Italo Calvino that was mentioned in the last tutorial.
It feels like a beautiful analogy of what we want to do. ;)

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Design Process – Sustainable Design group

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Below are the design processes for the Sustainable Design group. 1. Poster 2. Bag 3. Public Space 4. Transport System    

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Design process from Filmmaking students

1. A bag

2. Transport system

3. A park

4. A poster



transport system

a park



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