Hello all,

I’m sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, but I came home very late and I thought it will be better to post more things than making separate posts.

I did four cards and also I found pictures we could use from the archives. I also found the pink-up girls images with the telephone (I like how the dog picture is similar in pose to the pin-up girl above). I think it could be an interesting twist to add some humor. I also got two wooden frames we can use. And I got some home catalogs and cut out small ads for telephones. Here is what I’ve got.

3telephone     1telephone

2telephone     4telephone

Gil_Elvgren   Earl_Moran

Bill_Randall   Arthur_Saron_Sarnoff

RG_in_Kindergarden824   SHORPY_04050u



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  1. Avatar of HSIN-YI YUEH HSIN-YI YUEH says:

    Kasia !!!That’s so nice. I love the cards with ancient writings!!!

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