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Every object has a story

Just stumbled upon this: “We fill our lives with objects. Tools and trinkets. Tchotchkes and knickknacks. We seek quality in the things we buy, but quality contains a world of definitions. Durability is important. And functionality too. Not to mention … Continue reading

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Design Proposals

Theme 1 Man v/s Machine The reliability of humans on machine is so much that a day without a device seems difficult. It is really interesting how the maker of a machine tends to feel helpless without them. Machines have … Continue reading

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What is Designing Research?

‘Is Designing Research a Design Process?’ Or ‘Is a Design Process a Notion of Designing Research?’ Or ‘Is the Designing Process in which a Final Outcome Formed Design?’

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Initial concepts and the way forward

I think that our pre-tutorial library meeting was great, and together with everyone’s contribution to our group blog, demonstrates that we are moving forward in a critical and enquiring way towards the development of concepts for our exhibition piece. With … Continue reading

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My thinking about design

  For me, design is art with ration, organized aesthetic and an enthusiasm of dealing problem. I like the quote of Jan Boelen’s that Clare posted and also have the interest of re-purposesing design. I’m attracted by the process of … Continue reading

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what is design

What is design? I think designer is kind of core to communicate with other by visuals. Although a good design might include many different factors, such as function, problems solving, to tell and to exchange experience are more important to … Continue reading

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project ideas

Here are some loose thought that I will explain in more details tomorrow. It highlights my particular interests within design and potential ideas for the project: interests | ideas on design > design as a defining factor of humanity and … Continue reading

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Rethinking design

未命名-2 I went to see the exhibition last weekend and get some idea from it. Another one is a simple idea which I was thinking about the work could be interacted with people and recorded it in the meantime.

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Thoughts on design

As I’ve been thinking about the ideas for the project on the critical design, I get a lot of inspirations from books. I used to avoid design books, because they seemed over pretentious and elitist to me and they rarely … Continue reading

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