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Merge Manifesto

Hi all, I’m Raven, I rewrite the manifesto based on our two manifestos and the one Philip merged. I think maybe we should put our point in orders to show their importance. In addition, I think green is an important … Continue reading

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Thoughts on design

As I’ve been thinking about the ideas for the project on the critical design, I get a lot of inspirations from books. I used to avoid design books, because they seemed over pretentious and elitist to me and they rarely … Continue reading

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Functional Design

Functional ‘Good design should have good intentions and a useful purpose’. & Functional, not cosmetic- ‘It works, has good intentions and is memorable for the right reasons’.  

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Honest/ Honesty I feel that ‘Honest’ should be kept in the Manifesto, because I feel that it is a positive notion that it means something different to everyone and that we are overusing the term in different contexts. I feel that … Continue reading

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Merged manifesto and thoughts from today’s meeting

I agree with Natasha that we need to incorporate the sentiment of : We believe that design is the past, the present and the future. The past influences the present and the present influences the future. For me the word ‘passion’ … Continue reading

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Merged Manifesto

Hi All, I really like the way how Philip has summed up our discussion about merging the two manifestos. However, i still feel that the word honest is being over used in different meanings. I would still like design to … Continue reading

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Manifesto #2

We believe that design should be: 1. Functional, not cosmetic. Create design that works and is memorable for the right reasons. 2. Simple, not over-complicated. Question the essentials and make every part purposeful. 3. Informed, not detached. Be aware of … Continue reading

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