Telephone boxes

After reading through, I’ve realised that people have an emotional attachment to the phone booths. It brings back memories from the past and looking at them in a way always brings back a fond memory. They just are very iconic. Back in India we would have red phone boxes which were quite popular back then. Used in a variety of films to sing across to someone dear. Some Places in the world still use the phone booth.

also Ive seen it used as installations and decorative art . Just took a pic the other day at selfridges.


Sound-Powered_Telephone_Systems Telephone-a


An iconic song in an indian film with legendary stars, Mr Amitabh Bachan and Ms Hema Malini. Considered to be Icons of Hindi Cinema. They have like this song over the telephone basically communicating his feeling of emptiness without her in his life

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    I’ve got a question: did we decide to create the shrine on the phonebox or old analog phone?

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    And a couple more:

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