Use this – Create that – Final products (nearly)

So, after a lot of weight lifting and running around and printing and maps and lack of ability to save certain files, we got our products done and dusted (minus 2 staples, and the box of dice and glasses, that iare with Yiche for finishing touches.)

photo 2

photo 4


(the map is awesome by the way)

The “Random” Actions. All Glorious 64 of them

Yep… Here they … are:

  1. Take a walk in the park
  2. Listen to that band you’ve been hearing about
  3. Treat yourself to a great coffee
  4. Make something from Lego
  5. Actually read that book you’ve had on your shelf all this time
  6. Phone your best friend
  7. Sign out of Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
  8. Go to a random gallery and sit for an hour
  9. Think about it again, do you need that much?
  10. Take a look at Youtube, stay away from the catz
  11. Cake, there’s always cake
  12. Send those emails you’ve been meaning to
  13. Pick up a camera and head out on the street
  14. Open your eyes
  15. What would Jonny Ive do?
  16. Fold a paper crane
  17. Mindmap, with glitter
  18. Think inside the box…
  19. Don’t think so hard
  20. Go for a run around the block
  21. Make a dartboard of your client’s face
  22. Buy a magic eight ball, then smash it
  23. Make a colour palette to match your mood
  24. Roll the dice again…
  25. Make a collage from the first magazine you find
  26. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  27. Just think, you could be flipping burgers at MacDonald’s…
  28. Imagine winning the lottery, what would you do?
  29. Listen to your favourite CD from when you were 16
  30. Pick up the fourth book on your shelf and get inspired
  31. Watch a nature documentary
  32. Try something you’ve never done before
  33. Book that skydiving lesson
  34. Bake a cake from scratch
  35. Tidy up?!
  36. Fold the perfect paper airplane
  37. Look through your old yearbooks
  38. Go to the library
  39. Ride the bus to somewhere new
  40. Watch the clouds. What do you see?
  41. Make a list of your ideas and burn it
  42. Go to the supermarket and browse the shelves
  43. Draw a temporary  tattoo
  44. Draw with your other hand
  45. Take a nap
  46. Daydream
  47. Listen to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony
  48. Listen to the radio
  49. Put iTunes on shuffle and see what happens
  50. Take photos with an analogue camera
  51. Phone the talking clock
  52. Use a colour you hate
  53. Try it upside down
  54. Use a material you’ve never used before
  55. Step away from the computer
  56. Ask your mother what she thinks
  57. Build something
  58. Use the walls
  59. Borrow a pen from a friend and then draw them in 10 seconds
  60. Take a long bath
  61. Use crayons
  62. Turn the lights off
  63. Email Paul Postle
  64. Remove the context

They’ll be in a little booklet to go with the dice.

Finding the right words…

One of the major comments we got during our feedback was that whatever written material (or even object) we produce should not be clichéd, right out of a Cosmo Girl magazine (a sentiment I think we all shared)

Having picked up a book just recently from the Tate Modern’s bookshop called “57 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Self” (give the book credit, it’s not as “Chicken Soup for the Soul” as it sounds…) and having already found a few things that made me think differently, I decided to start looking through it for words that would inspire, provoke self-reflection, and could be a guide in some way.



Some quotes from the book that I found so far that could be relative are:
- Failure is a perception. Not a fact. Make it a stepping stone to success
- The mind needs to meander and roam. With freedom it ends up in unusual places, creating new worlds, new ideas, new inventions. We live in a dreamer’s world. Be a contributor, not a detractor.
- Liberate yourself from being sensible.
- Create meaning, not product.
- “It’s when you’ve found out how to do certain things, that it’s time to stop doing them, because what’s missing is that you’re not including the risk” – Robert Rauschenberg
- “If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would get done” – Ludwig Wittgenstein
- “Brevity is the sister of talent” – Anton Checkov
- Be critical of critics.
- Simplify, then simplify some more

These are just ideas of what could go in the fortune cookie.. etc..

There’s also a number of random actions we are considering to help get creative juices flowing, and the creative mind fresh. Post to follow..

Over and out.