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Since all of us use Facebook, and the notifications seemed more efficient for everyone to check what is going on, we decided not to use a VLE group, and make a private Facebook group instead.

We have since made it visible to the public. Please follow the link to see all our interactions and contributions.

Please note the posts shift according to who has seen them/commented on them, so they won’t be in order, but date is registered.




Final touches to the packaging!

After some comments about the final products, we decided to add an aesthetic detail to them. So.

Back to the good old cutting board.

We decided to make the labels more substantial , and make a nice window to the titles. Alex is good at being precise with measurements.. Me on the other hand, I was happy to cut and fold. Measurements are not my friend.


alex marks I cut


photo 3

pacck1 pack2

Also, we had some fun with the final Look again glasses… Don’t tell.

alex1 joe1 yiche1

Printing and box making…

So today was a full day of work. 8 am till 9pm!

Up early to write the summary of our product, as well as finalise the label designs and layout for the boxes. I also called Alex to check up on her and the Map printing process. When the file size was huge, I tried to prep the file for print through inDesign… which proved to be a lot harder that it should be, with all the layers Alex had done. My computer was sputtering and gasping trying to save the files.. 2 hours later Alex had managed to fix a file for print, and hey presto it was on it’s way.

I was also corresponding with Pi Mei about the quotes for the fortune cookies. We wanted to emphasise a word per quote, so I went through the quotes Vanja collected and selected the word, emailing Pi Mei the details.

As for me, it was the good old DMW. Printing out the booklet for Roll with It was interesting. I’d always sent files to print during my professional career, but never knew how they lined the pages correctly (hey, every day is a school day)

Then a couple of hours later, passed by Yiche at the 3D workshop to check he was doing alright and didn’t need help before going home to meet Alex to finish of cutting and pasting and “boxing”.

Full day!


photo 2 photo 3

photo 2 cutcropchop

photo 3 photo 5