Use this – Create that – Final products (nearly)

So, after a lot of weight lifting and running around and printing and maps and lack of ability to save certain files, we got our products done and dusted (minus 2 staples, and the box of dice and glasses, that iare with Yiche for finishing touches.)

photo 2

photo 4


(the map is awesome by the way)

Inspiration_Map_Crumpled city by Emanuele Pizzolorusso

i had seen this map last year and thought of it again when we decided to design a map for the project. the idea of this is genius, it is a light weight water proof map that has been done for various cities it can be crumpled up into the tiniest ball, I feel these attributes are very beneficial and useful to what we are wanting to do.


Map Inspiration

I came across this whilst researching today, whilst this idea may not be something we can achieve in the time given, to take our map idea further into an app or an interactive website could work really nicely!

Graphic Design: Modern Designers’ excellent work with Creative Tourist

“Modern designers have been at the heart of the Creative Tourist project since its inception in 2009, creating the initial concept and managing the subsequent creative direction, working with a fresh crop of creatives each year to define the annual identity, maintaining the immensely functional website and producing their printed magazine Where To Go. Lovely stuff.”