Our brainstorms/ideas/discussions: Facebook group “GGroup”

Since all of us use Facebook, and the notifications seemed more efficient for everyone to check what is going on, we decided not to use a VLE group, and make a private Facebook group instead.

We have since made it visible to the public. Please follow the link to see all our interactions and contributions.

Please note the posts shift according to who has seen them/commented on them, so they won’t be in order, but date is registered.




Brainstorm and Initial Ideas Towards Our ‘Survival’ Kit


Following our tutorial we brainstormed items that we considered essential for a designers kit or items that could overcome designers block. We also brainstormed factors to consider whilst designing these items to ensure they are as accessible to everyone as possible. We are aware that this will need to be edited down but for now I think we have come up with some great starting points!