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Some interesting finds that I will print (thinking of printing this as a newspaper article itself. and several more that i have found) I’ve worked on a few more rough sketches and also some pop art kind of stuff that I’ve been working on just … Continue reading

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Work in progress

        Polaroids for telphone moments guys have been working on a few things for the display, Pls let me know anything for improvements

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Telephone boxes

After reading through, I’ve realised that people have an emotional attachment to the phone booths. It brings back memories from the past and looking at them in a way always brings back a fond memory. They just are very iconic. … Continue reading

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Traditional crafts

I was thinking about out design piece for the past days now, and i have been thinking that probably one object will work best I was thinking about traditional crafts like knitting, crochet, embroidery etc. like something sowed by my … Continue reading

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An interesting piece of research

In the design Dictionary: Museum originally referred to a temple or shrine erected in antiquity to honor the muses, the female personifications of literature, music and dance. Design museums chart the history of design movements and influence design principles and … Continue reading

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Adding to just a few examples

Hi guys i’ve been looking at some examples of memorials form different cultures. I was of the opinion that maybe each shrine could be something different, in a sense that each shrine could be different in nature, colour, size, location … Continue reading

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An exciting productive day

Hi Guys, I am really feeling happy after today’s discussion. It went off so well. The whole process of coming up with one concept (the museum of Future obsolescence) that led to another brilliant one (In Memorium) was an amazing … Continue reading

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Inspiration of Past and Present

Hey Guys just some inspiration of putting together the past and present. Maybe we could think of a way of adding the future in there as well. Just a thought. These images are from Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, where … Continue reading

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Museum Documentation Methods

  After viewing the interaction sites at museums, Came across various methods of Documentation for a Museum Purpose. Some are similar to what clare had posted. But i Particularly liked the one where we could document something inside a black … Continue reading

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Interesting Visual Narrative

Yesterday While I was at the V&A, there was this interesting installation in the open grounds about the a Chinese documentation of life… It was a really interesting miniature world created by actually bringing the rocks from the country. It … Continue reading

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