The Aspen Shrines

There is a fantastic online resource that details the Shrines of Aspen, 33 shrines (see below) hidden amongst the trees, their locations a secret to be kept by those who stumble upon them. Unfortunately all images are subject to copyright so I can’t post them on the blog. You can read about them here:,84,0,0,1,0 

1. The 9/11 Shrine

2. The Aspen Ski Hall of Fame Shrine

3. The Beatles Shrine

4. The Bingo Shrine

5. The Buckaroo Shrine

6. The Chix Coup Shrine

7. The Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Shrine

8. The Denver Broncos Shrine

9. The Dog Pound Shrine

10. The Elvis Presley Shrine

11. The Eric Smith Shrine

12. The Fenway Park/Boston Red Sox Shrine

13. The Frank Sinatra Shrine

14. The Golf Shrine

15. The Golf Shrine

16. The Hunter Thompson Shrine

17. The Jerry Garcia Shrine

18. The Jimi Hendrix Shrine

19. The Jimmy Buffett Shrine

20. The John Denver Shrine

21. The John Denver Shrine

22. The Liberace Shrine (Ajax)

23. The Marilyn Monroe Shrine

24. The Nicholas Blake Davidson Shrine

25. The Pooper Trooper Park Shrine

26. The Raoul Wille Shrine

27. The Snoopy Shrine

28. The Steve Butts Shrine

29. The Stevie Ray Vaughan Shrine

30. The Tom Cole Shrine (Ajax)

31. The Valentine’s Shrine

32. The Widespread Panic Shrine

33. The Yankee Stadium/New York Yankees Shrine


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