Food for thought:coloring rhapsody (week 10)

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The starting point of coloring our fortune cookie is to fit in our package. But then, we discover some essay about how color can effect people’s creativity. And since we are making fortune cookies as an inspiration and a mini half-time-interval snack that can give either a guide for direction, inspiration, or nearly a crack of laughter. We decide to try it with more surprising elements.

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Therefore,This week we try to color our fortune cookies to see all the possibility it could be.
We tried green and blue which, as the atricles said, can increase creativity. And we also tried red, pruple and pink. Also the black and silver food paint on the cookies. The process is full of fun for us when we coloring the cookies.

the articles:

green effect

green effect


Week 9: ” food for thought” packaging idea

packaging idea for "food for thought"

About packaging for food for thought

the possible option for the packaging for our “food for thought”. The reason that I thought this should be good for the package for the cookies is mainly for its space saving and the shape that is making thee most of the shape of the cookies itself. We can discuss on the material later. Please focus on the shape  and the label format of this package. Cheers.

Also, this is from a website I found here. There are more related post about the packaging. that can be used on the drink part of our product. clicks the link below to check.

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Week 9: “food for thought” responding to the feedback

quotes abt creativity from celebrity.

Opinions from the feedback about “food for thought”

The ” paper fortune” put inside the cookies would be needed well-researched and considered. The ” paper fortune” of “food for thought” should avoid cliches, too vague or blur. Accordingly, The quote from the celebrities about creativity would be a possible option or at least some reference we can draw inspiration from. Here are the link of the quotes about creativity from celebrities ranges from artist, writers, engineers  and philosophers etc. enhanced-buzz-21404-1354650866-0

Week 8: development of ” food for thought”

First attempt of " food for thought" PhotoGrid_1384460345901

The first attempt of food for thought:

Following last weeks’ group discussion, me and Jingzhou worked on the ” food for thought” part. If we would like to customerize our own fortune cookies from the size to the color, to bake the fortune cookies of our own would be our first step  to approach to our goal. The picsare the result of  the first attempt toward “food for thought” including the size measuring information for the over all package for our kit.