18/11/13 feedback Summary for Group G

Overall I think we were quite happy with the feedback and advice given to us on Monday.

Whilst presenting our idea of a designers kit and the objects that would go within our kit, an idea of presenting just objects and tools separately was given. These could be packaged as a range of designers block ‘unblockers’ rather than a kit of tools packaged up together. As a group we did like this idea as it felt like it refined our concept and will produce well thought out consistent ‘unblockers’ and steer away from the obvious, these would be presented beautifully and consistently by using specific branding.

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Instructions Inspiration

During discussion we had toyed with the idea of supplying some simple instructions with our ‘kit’

I love the aesthetic of this studio and craft technique booklet by Connor and David designed for architecture undergrads which “encourages students to think of design and technology as an integrated whole.”

MAIN sct02 sct03 sct04 sct05


using this style could infuse a tongue in cheek feeling to our products, providing illustrated instructions may not be necessary but add an extra an interesting finishing touch. This aesthetic could also run with the packaging of our product/kit.

Dartboard Inspiration

Although this snippet of research is based mainly on the typeface used I thought this paragraph summed up our thoughts towards why we would include a dartboard quite seamlessly.

“For a while our studio was centred around a dartboard and the daily doses of arrow-based psychodrama gave us a new rhythm to our working lives. For some studios it’s ping-pong, for others it’s table football but these kinds of activities unite work-colleagues by playing them off against each other, and act as a good valve through which to release creative tensions.”

Rob Alderson, Tuesday 22 October 2013

These posters were created using the dartboard typeface to advertise an in studio dart board competition.

Purpose_Darts_Overview-3 Purpose_Darts_Overview-6 Purpose_Darts_Overview-7 Purpose_Darts_Overview-8

Map Inspiration

I came across this whilst researching today, whilst this idea may not be something we can achieve in the time given, to take our map idea further into an app or an interactive website could work really nicely!

Graphic Design: Modern Designers’ excellent work with Creative Tourist

“Modern designers have been at the heart of the Creative Tourist project since its inception in 2009, creating the initial concept and managing the subsequent creative direction, working with a fresh crop of creatives each year to define the annual identity, maintaining the immensely functional website and producing their printed magazine Where To Go. Lovely stuff.”



Brainstorm and Initial Ideas Towards Our ‘Survival’ Kit


Following our tutorial we brainstormed items that we considered essential for a designers kit or items that could overcome designers block. We also brainstormed factors to consider whilst designing these items to ensure they are as accessible to everyone as possible. We are aware that this will need to be edited down but for now I think we have come up with some great starting points!