Brainstorm and Initial Ideas Towards Our ‘Survival’ Kit


Following our tutorial we brainstormed items that we considered essential for a designers kit or items that could overcome designers block. We also brainstormed factors to consider whilst designing these items to ensure they are as accessible to everyone as possible. We are aware that this will need to be edited down but for now I think we have come up with some great starting points!

“Read This, Design That, Create Those.” – The Merged Manifesto

As mentioned before our manifestos focus on different perspective. We striped similar items and arranged these materials into one article. To be briefly, we think designs should be done with playful thoughts. It will drive to produce good outcome and those fun ideas will be delivered through the process to audience. Following is the detail outcomes. Continue reading


This stopmotion is really good for inspiration with  this guy going through his day but having  little games going on inbetween.. i thought with the idea of ”the day in the life of a designer” it could be quite useful us doing our routines in a  slightly more comical way but then also having sections in the movie where we act out parts of our manifesto




trying to find ideas. The symbolism of colors and shapes, business card etiquette and even ideas for what to wear are included in this sleek ‘Designer’s Survival Kit’ by a design team at Massey University Auckland’s School of Design.  The kit appears to be created for New Zealand designers traveling to Asia, to familiarize them with foreign customs.