An exciting productive day

Hi Guys,

I am really feeling happy after today’s discussion. It went off so well. The whole process of coming up with one concept (the museum of Future obsolescence) that led to another brilliant one (In Memorium) was an amazing one.

We basically had 3 concepts at the end of today’s discussion

1) The Museum of Future Obsolescence

2) Past – Present – Future

3) In Memorium (Unsure of the final Title)

One thing leading to another: Networks that are created within a context, Something that I was thinking of earlier. Nevertheless its a great concept that we have all put together with combined effort.

We also discussed how everyone’s skills could come to use with this concept moving on. So its a good thing to incorporate  everyone’s individual skills to a combined output.

We have to prepare for the presentation pitch on Tuesday and also the 100 word description by Monday afternoon.

Feeling Happy and enthusiastic about the whole thing. :) Yeeahhh

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    I second that Natasha!

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