Researching Objects

When trying to find and write questions for the survey, I started researching lists of objects that people had thought had already become obsolete. Thats when I came to conclusion that having our own sort of findings from our own primary research is crucial.

Here are some examples that I came across:

50 Things We No Longer Do Infographic

Another example is an article that I came across-

’21 Things That Became Obsolete This Decade’

Here is where I found their take on Maps becoming obsolete.


No more getting lost on those epic road trips… just punch in your destination into your GPS or smartphone and you’re good to go.

Does anyone else find this one a little bittersweet?

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As well as………….


Poor CD’s. But could anything really have withstood the amazing convenience of digital music and the worldwide adoption of the iPod? As album sales dropped by another 13% this year, it’s only a matter of time until the CD becomes just a relic of times bygone.

Ditto to the gold ol’ Sony walkman.

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And even ……-


Probably the biggest casualty of the decade. With most communication now conducted online, magazines and newspapers crumbling, and e-readers increasing in popularity, paper is now on serious life support.

It’s likely we’ll look back and say that, after a 2,000 year reign, paper was killed by the noughties.

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  1. Avatar of Kasia Dybek Kasia Dybek says:

    Empress, thank you so much for this post! It does mention a lot of things we talked about before, but also has some new concepts, not only objects that are obsolete. I find interesting especially these points: remembering phone numbers (I never do! I don’t even remember my own number!), fax documents (I did it for the very first time in my life few months ago), keep a personal diary (I think facebook and blogs took this role), print photographs (I usually view them on the screen now).

    I cannot wait for the results of the survey!

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