Adding to just a few examples

Hi guys i’ve been looking at some examples of memorials form different cultures. I was of the opinion that maybe each shrine could be something different, in a sense that each shrine could be different in nature, colour, size, location etc. Maybe a full of life kind for the ones we feel sorry about not having any longer and a stone cold one that deserved to become obsolete. Just a thought though

3_24_5l 06-25-michael-jackson_full_600 101_0444 bangkok-shrines-erawan Dean_Franklin_-_06.04.03_Mount_Rushmore_Monument_(by-sa)-3_new funerary hill-shrine IMG_1848 Kingstones-Memorials-Resource-Pack mexican-shrine michael jackson-memorial-HMV-London Picture65-1024x682 Raton Rock Shrine30 Shrine to the Hindu God Shiva in Hanoi, Vietnam

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