The End Experience

The prototype is finished, and so are we. Almost. Before releasing the prototype completely from our slippery hands we want to convey what some of our users thought about it, and what kind of experience we managed to create.

Our goal, as it turned out to be, was to create an game for those who already owned an AR Drone. An generalisation of that user was summorized in a persona early in the process. However, those users are hard to track, and is in a limited number. For us to be able to test our prototype, we turned our heads towards the regular gamer, you and I.

Our approach was to show the prototype (the video) to some people and note down their reactions, and the overall experience.

The feedback

“This game looks like the first to go beyond the simple format of flying the AR drone, instead creating a full game with atmosphere and interesting puzzles.” — Female Gamer

We managed to create a game that balanced the use of augmented reality and the real world. This resulted in a game that people would want to play if they got the chance, but not for too long. Our feedback showed us that It might get a bit monotonously after a while, doing the same things over and over again.

“It’s actually a great example of AR using, and you can make it more competitive, by adding scores, and make it like a competition game for quadcopter users.” — Game Programmer

By adding a competitive mode, for example competing against scoreboards or other quadcopter users, we could improve upon our game experience. Making it more immersive. Another aspect is to add more games with a variety of gameplay, for example shooting games, precision flying, and more. However, to stay true to our concept, hence  the experience we have created, we have to stay in the world of military drone-flying. This would be challenging because of our concept of using mostly sound as augmented reality. But that is a challenge we want to meet, since we are going to continue this project beyond the scope provided by the university. The wheels are spinning, and we might release this game at one point.

— Written and conducted by Marius Haugen

We would also thank all of the people that were able to take some time to watch our video. The feedback have been really good and constructive.

User journeys

Completing first level

  • Click on application symbol
  • Watch loading screen, a short brief about the game
  • Press round button next to “initiate”
  • Watch short brief about mission
  • When the user gets contact with the drone he can press “Take off”
  • Fly the drone in the direction of the sound and on screen visualisation of bomb position
  • When the user is in the right direction he gets a notification about turning on the infrared camera filter.
  • Fly towards the bomb
  • Turn off infrared camera
  • Land in front of bomb
  • Press “deactivate”
  • Solve puzzle
  • Push the right buttons before the time runs out
  • When bomb is deactivated it will turn off and the mission is completed.
  • Will get a brief about the completed mission, then filed away.
  • Have the option to go to next mission.

Turn of in-game sounds

  • Click on application symbol
  • Watch loading screen, a short brief about the game
  • Drag the sound bar all the way to the left

—Written by Marius Haugen

Graphics & Application

I have worked some more on the graphics for the application, which will be used further in the visuals inside the game. Here is the result:

The visuals are rough and angular, but is still modern and easy to look at. The same principles as you can see in the colors and style can be used for all graphics inside the game. Because the application mostly will be used in daylight, there have to be high contrast. We will be able to achieve this by using bright colors on a dark background.

— Written and designed by Marius Haugen