A game for the Apple App Store

We have, after some discussion and research, decided to develop an concept that is purposefully designed as an game for the iPad. Which means that we are developing a game that are going to be published through the Apple App Store.

The reason for this decision is mainly because of the market we are aiming for. Which is those who bought the AR Drone because they had an iPad that they can control the unit with. They will not relent to buy the application if it seems appealing, even though the price is higher than the other games.

We are trying to make the concept a bit different from other AR games that are out there for the AR Drone. Because the audience are more mature, they do want a game that are a bit more sophisticated than the other games that are out there today. The application we are developing is aiming to give the user an experience of being in a military division that are using drones to dispose bombs.

To create the right atmosphere for this, the graphics, the story and the gameplay, have to be modern, true to the concept and not “flashy” or childish. We have started this process by making the ingame interface much like an HUD (heads up display) for a fighter jet plane. The military feel will be carried out throughout the design.

— Written by Marius Haugen

Some early ideas outside the brief

This was an idea where the user would interact, and play games with a creature that appear out of an real object in front of an phone.

This is a bigger idea where a room or a whole building is set up for augmented reality. Where they could either play games, change the architecture and so on as described in the second picture.

— by Marius Haugen