Testing the Parrot AR Drone together with the iPad

The whole group were out testing the Parrot AR Drone yesterday. We used the iPad as an control unit and got some essential observations. 

First of all, the quadcopter is hard to control, and the user (in this case myself) needed some practice before he got comfortable with the way the aerial vehicle is handled. The reason for this was mostly because of the combination of how the aerial vehicle operates and the controllers on the iPad.

After I pressed “Launch” on the iPads touchscreen the drone lifted automatically, about one meter above ground, then I was left to control the unit with three different controls. It used motion to get the device moving in any direction I wanted. To change the direction of the camera, basically to spin the drone, I had a touch based joystick. And the third control was another touch based joystick which I, honestly, did not understand the function of. But I need some more practice to understand the “intuitive” controls, as it says on the package.

It is a device that handles differently from other vehicles, e.g. planes, choppers, RC cars, because of its four propellers that enables it to hover like an UFO. but this device, in inequality with an UFO, is identified, and is known as the Parrot AR Drone. It is a new way to fly a object, and will be tested further for the team to figure out how to make the controls implemented, or made easier, in our own application. You can see our testing in this video:

from on .

The next challenge will be to make an game for the iPad which uses both the AR Drone and the addition of augmented reality.

— Written by Marius Haugen