Visual concept of interface and application

We had a brainstorm around the style and feel of our game. I was given the task to design the visuals surrounding the game and how it was supposed to be presented.

After establishing that we were creating a military operation I did some research into other similar games across platforms. In addition, I had to dig into military visuals. As you can see on the logo for the U.S. Air Force they use a lot of stars and edges. This was something we wanted to explore.

Because the mission that our user would get was a bit stealthy, we wanted this to be represent in the visuals. You can see on the following stealth plane that they are blending a lot of colors like green and blue in with black to “hide” the plane in with the surroundings.

We have created a name for the game which represent both the scavenger side, the stealthiness and the military side of the visuals; “Project Raven”. This gave a lot of inspiration into the visuals. Which you can see in these early sketches of the application.

I will work further with these sketches to make graphics we can use inside the game and for our application.

— Written and designed by Marius Haugen