Interface design – HUD mockup with camera filters

Here are some mock ups of how the head up display will appear in the game. I’ve chosen a cyan blue for the HUD, as this is very common in military aircraft displays. Certain HUD elements switch to red if a threat is found. The first screen shows the regular camera, used when searching for bombs. The second image shows how the HUD responds if a threat is located. The third screen shows the interface when you are in thermal display mode. The cyan overlay would have been unclear in this mode due to the colourful camera filter, so the interface switches to white.

By Joey Meuross

Interface Design – Head up display layout

Here is a basic layout of the heads up display interface. On the iPad/iPhone screen, this will be overlaid over the camera’s footage. The layout of information is inspired by the heads up displays found in military helicopter and fighter jet aircraft. Most graphical elements dynamically update supplying the user with important information on the progress of their game. This includes a timed countdown in the centre of the screen, a ‘threats neautralized’ box in the top left, their score and their radiation meter on the right hand side. The two control joysticks also appear on the screen, along with the land and emergency stop buttons and two text areas for warnings and task prompts. Other information, such as the altitude meter which sways from side to side in the middle of the screen is for effect purposes only. I’ve included this to add to the authenticity of th experience, and give the impression that you are in control of a hi-tech, military machine on a critical mission.

By Joey Meuross

Scanned objects material update

In trying to find the effect we want to apply to objects as they are being scanned, I have managed to create this effect as shown in the image. My goal is to now combine both techniques and reach a conclusion with the texture.




*EDIT* Having researched this I have managed to create an effect that we could potentially use. Combining the toon FX outlines and the surface light materials together produces the desired effect. However the only problem so far is the glow will only be seen if it is been cast on objects nearby. I will further look into developing this effect.



*EDIT 2* I believe I have finally reached a good point to stop going further with exploring this particular material.

Scanned objects material

Within the product we are creating, we are aiming to make objects stand out as they are being scanned by the AR Drone; in this case it will be the bombs the player has to diffuse in a certain period of time.







As you can see in the image I have managed to achieve a outline for the object but I am trying add a glow so it is a bit more pronounced.