An interesting piece of research

In the design Dictionary: Museum originally referred to a temple or shrine erected in antiquity to honor the muses, the female personifications of literature, music and dance.

Design museums chart the history of design movements and influence design principles and contemporary taste because the objects that make up their collections are considered to be exemplary works. They not only exhibit the history of design by displaying objects, they are also a public forum for the dissemination and discussions of new design developments. Design museums function as educational establishments, as technology museums, and as a driving force for local business development.

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The Aspen Shrines

There is a fantastic online resource that details the Shrines of Aspen, 33 shrines (see below) hidden amongst the trees, their locations a secret to be kept by those who stumble upon them. Unfortunately all images are subject to copyright so I can’t post them on the blog. You can read about them here:,84,0,0,1,0 

1. The 9/11 Shrine

2. The Aspen Ski Hall of Fame Shrine

3. The Beatles Shrine

4. The Bingo Shrine

5. The Buckaroo Shrine

6. The Chix Coup Shrine

7. The Dale Earnhardt, Sr. Shrine

8. The Denver Broncos Shrine

9. The Dog Pound Shrine

10. The Elvis Presley Shrine

11. The Eric Smith Shrine

12. The Fenway Park/Boston Red Sox Shrine

13. The Frank Sinatra Shrine

14. The Golf Shrine

15. The Golf Shrine

16. The Hunter Thompson Shrine

17. The Jerry Garcia Shrine

18. The Jimi Hendrix Shrine

19. The Jimmy Buffett Shrine

20. The John Denver Shrine

21. The John Denver Shrine

22. The Liberace Shrine (Ajax)

23. The Marilyn Monroe Shrine

24. The Nicholas Blake Davidson Shrine

25. The Pooper Trooper Park Shrine

26. The Raoul Wille Shrine

27. The Snoopy Shrine

28. The Steve Butts Shrine

29. The Stevie Ray Vaughan Shrine

30. The Tom Cole Shrine (Ajax)

31. The Valentine’s Shrine

32. The Widespread Panic Shrine

33. The Yankee Stadium/New York Yankees Shrine


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Survey ‘Future Obsolescence’


Survey is now live. Copy and paste either one of the links onto your social media networks.

Survey Link

Web Link

<a href=”″>Click here to take survey</a>

Shall we all agree to close the survey and collect results on Monday evening, just in time for the presentation or sooner. Let me know.

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Researching Objects

When trying to find and write questions for the survey, I started researching lists of objects that people had thought had already become obsolete. Thats when I came to conclusion that having our own sort of findings from our own primary research is crucial.

Here are some examples that I came across:

50 Things We No Longer Do Infographic

Another example is an article that I came across-

’21 Things That Became Obsolete This Decade’

Here is where I found their take on Maps becoming obsolete.


No more getting lost on those epic road trips… just punch in your destination into your GPS or smartphone and you’re good to go.

Does anyone else find this one a little bittersweet?

Read more:

Read more:

As well as………….


Poor CD’s. But could anything really have withstood the amazing convenience of digital music and the worldwide adoption of the iPod? As album sales dropped by another 13% this year, it’s only a matter of time until the CD becomes just a relic of times bygone.

Ditto to the gold ol’ Sony walkman.

Read more:

And even ……-


Probably the biggest casualty of the decade. With most communication now conducted online, magazines and newspapers crumbling, and e-readers increasing in popularity, paper is now on serious life support.

It’s likely we’ll look back and say that, after a 2,000 year reign, paper was killed by the noughties.

Read more:

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Adding to just a few examples

Hi guys i’ve been looking at some examples of memorials form different cultures. I was of the opinion that maybe each shrine could be something different, in a sense that each shrine could be different in nature, colour, size, location etc. Maybe a full of life kind for the ones we feel sorry about not having any longer and a stone cold one that deserved to become obsolete. Just a thought though

3_24_5l 06-25-michael-jackson_full_600 101_0444 bangkok-shrines-erawan Dean_Franklin_-_06.04.03_Mount_Rushmore_Monument_(by-sa)-3_new funerary hill-shrine IMG_1848 Kingstones-Memorials-Resource-Pack mexican-shrine michael jackson-memorial-HMV-London Picture65-1024x682 Raton Rock Shrine30 Shrine to the Hindu God Shiva in Hanoi, Vietnam

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Just a few examples


Spirit guide and Flying Burrito Brother Gram Parsons



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An exciting productive day

Hi Guys,

I am really feeling happy after today’s discussion. It went off so well. The whole process of coming up with one concept (the museum of Future obsolescence) that led to another brilliant one (In Memorium) was an amazing one.

We basically had 3 concepts at the end of today’s discussion

1) The Museum of Future Obsolescence

2) Past – Present – Future

3) In Memorium (Unsure of the final Title)

One thing leading to another: Networks that are created within a context, Something that I was thinking of earlier. Nevertheless its a great concept that we have all put together with combined effort.

We also discussed how everyone’s skills could come to use with this concept moving on. So its a good thing to incorporate  everyone’s individual skills to a combined output.

We have to prepare for the presentation pitch on Tuesday and also the 100 word description by Monday afternoon.

Feeling Happy and enthusiastic about the whole thing. :) Yeeahhh

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螢幕快照 2013-11-12 上午7.12.59 螢幕快照 2013-11-12 上午7.13.05 螢幕快照 2013-11-12 上午7.13.11


I found that this shop is quite extraordinary. Every item looks so antiquated but the website is designed stylishly.

The designers believe “in a simple, honest approach to design, where quality and utility are intrinsic.”

In addition, “they have assembled a carefully curated collection of new and vintage items, some of them familiar, others waiting to be discovered. These everyday classics will not date but will mellow with age and are destined to become favourites.”

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Extraordinary Stories – Design Museum

dezeen_Extraordinary-stories-about-ordinary-things-at-the-Design-Museum_4 dezeen_Extraordinary-stories-about-ordinary-things-at-the-Design-Museum_5 dezeen_Extraordinary-stories-about-ordinary-things-at-the-Design-Museum_6

I really like this exhibition at Design museum which is called “Extraordinary Stories”.

Design Museum is divided into six design stories, with objects from the collection displayed on shelving alongside contextual images and documents.The show includes furniture, product, fashion, transport and architecture alongside a selection of prototypes, models and specially commissioned films.

Director of the Design Museum Deyan Sudjic said: “Design matters at every level. It is what makes daily life a little better; it is about the big economic changes that the world is going through. It is about the designers and the manufacturers, but it is also about the users. It is a unique way of making sense of the world around us.”

The exhibition will be on permanent display until 2015, with some elements being changed every year. Preview selected objects in the collection by downloading the Design Museum Collection App for iPad, free from iTunes.




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Ditchling Museum






Think this museum looks wonderful:

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