I love patterns too…. Traditional Patterns of India

As discussed earlier about the love towards patterns…

I really like to mention here about some patterns which comes under the fine designs of the country…

Traditional Patterns of India

Such as Mehendi in Indian weddings, where design pattern has its own meaning.

Patterns and designs vary from religion to religion and festival to festival, the basic pattern remains the same meaning good luck and protection. Following are the meanings of the common figures used basically in the mehndi patterns:

  • Ganesh, the elephant god – good health, protection from evil
  • Growing vine or scorpion – love, protection from the evil eye
  • Mandalas – wisdom, spiritual enlightenment
  • Peacock, paisley symbols – love, fertility, good luck
  • Bud – new life, love
  • Camel lips – fertility
  • Flowers and leafs – fertility


And, the different patterns on Taj Mahal.

These patterns are also one of the reasons, why Taj Mahal comes under Wonders of the World.

They follow the Islamic tradition of combining calligraphic, floral and abstract geometric motifs. Three types of media are used to create these patterns: stone carving in high relief, painted stucco and inlaid hard stone.

Geometric patterns and well proportioned designs were also seen as an indication of divine harmony and peace. This idea may have inspired the balanced and harmonious abstract designs that ornament the Taj Mahal.



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