The very last post. A retrospection to our love and hate list. (please feel free to edit)

As the last post on this blog you can see here a short retrospection, our love and hate list. We thought that it would be a nice finish to look back, and think about the route we went through during this 3 and a half months connected to the topic, what is design. What I think about that route is that even if it looks a bit chaotic (which I think is not a negative point) we still have words and values which we consciously maintained from the list to the final outcome. The connection between the list and the installation is our manifesto, which I think as a guide helped us a lot. I also think that if we would have the possibility and the time -as it is by any other design “solution”, too- and if we could rethink this whole project again, maybe we would come out with a totally different answer and outcome at the end. (Actually I am sure about it.) The question what is design for me is something that I think every designer from time to time should ask himself in a way and with knowing, that it is impossible to give a final proper answer to it. For me just the question itself has a philosophy or feature, that can make us aware of important values and our role, that we might tend to forget sometimes. Personally I design since approximately 4-5 years and never really asked myself this question. I don’t say that it cleared up my mind and now I know everything about design…exactly the opposite: I am more confused about it, but also I feel that I became a little bit more conscious as a designer (at least I hope) since I actually deal with this question and topic. I am glad, that this happened at the beginning of my “designer life”, and I hope that this 3 and a half months had any kind of good impact on your designer life, too. I think this question can make us ask more and more other questions too, which is good, because questioning should be one of the most important inherent feature of a designer. I would advise to everyone to continue dealing with this question on your own, and not to look at this period as a finished one, however it feels good to take a break after these intense times I know. I hope everyone could learn something during this time. I enjoyed the debates and discussions with you, and wish everyone all the best for your future!

If you have any feeling or message that you want to share about the list or the process, please feel free to edit this post as much you want! Personally I am interested in any kind of a final response connected to this topic from you.

Fabienne: My opinion has not changed in terms of the items that we selected for the initial list. I think my opinion might have changed, however, in terms of what I consider “good” and “bad” design. We’ve had the discussion that good design fulfills its purpose – even if the purpose is evil. So it is eventually up to the designers as individuals, whether they want to achieve and fulfil certain goals with their designs. I do believe that even evil design can be absolutely brilliant, if it fulfills its purpose well. In retrospect I also think the initial question should not have been about designs we love or hate. Or alternatively, the question of the exhibition should have been “what is good/bad design”. Because this would have created a much more interesting conversation on the fact that some designs can be absolutely ingenious, but personally we still hate them.


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The Final Snips!

here’s a quick video of the first strings to be cut as we took the exhibit down!


Also we were talking about conclusions and things that we would do better given another oppertunity. I think it might have been helpful to work practically i.e with models, sketches and diagrams sooner, rather than rely on words and talking for so long. When we began to work together on the exhibit it was quickly apparent what people’s skills and weaknesses were. This meant there was a greater scope for working together and teaching and supporting each other in new skills. For my part, I also felt that it was easier to understand and be understood in drawings and diagrams across the different skill sets and languages.

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Making the Jumper

just thought I’d add the process photos for making the jumper since I was summarising it for assessment -


I wanted to achieve a smooth gradient of colours from bright and warm to cold and dark. I started by arranging the colours into sets of two – these would be knitted together.

these were knitted in the following pattern

colour combination A, colour combination A, colour combination B, colour combination A.

and repeated through all giving a smooth gradient.

This formed the lower part of the jumper:

and was repeated on the back. I decided to make the back hang down slightly longer than the from allowing the viewer to see the construction inside and for the gradient of colours to be more gentle. we then wanted to thread some colours up into the main body of the jumper.

I enjoyed this part a lot and thought the threads of colour could be likened to veins coming out from the ‘heart’ of the jumper – reminding viewer that the jumper represents both a designed object and the person inside it – which is why we chose a jumper to begin with.

Finally finished the ends of the jumper – this decision was made with the rest of the group and required some adjustment, initially both sides had open threads but we decided to have all threads trailing from a single point in the final exhibit. this meant sewing up and weaving in the threads from one side and extending the threads from the other side.

Before the jumper was inserted into the exhibit it needed to be pressed and padded which Madina and Yuan Xue helped me with in the fashion dept.


We lastly had to find a way to attach the hamper into the exhibit. I chose to use twisted string as it contrasted with the straight strings in the rest of the exhibit and it linked to my original knitting where I had twisted colours together. The twisted ends of the jumper we thought looked between loose and constructed and properly showed that transition from ‘design ideas’ to ‘design craft’ in the exhibit.

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Jumper…. Fulfilling the Purpose

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Guys we missid to take a photo with the whole team and the piece. I think that was quite impportant. At least we took with three of the members, here it is.

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Bye bye instalation

Its a shame we have to put everything down but here it is!

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At the exhibition

Here some images of the public apreciating our instalation.

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Building the instalation

Hi guys its a shame we couldnt leave the instalation for much longer time as everything should be taken down and it was on friday afternoon. Here some images of our making process which I think would work really nice as a stop motion to blog here. Does anyone can do it? Thanks all for your effort to make at work in the end. We all know many things could have been improved and that could have been different but we just know about that when we experience it at the end. For the ones that could not help for some reason during or in the end please be aware that apart from the stress, really normal in group works like this at the end the experience that we get with it is what matters. Please Millie post the image of the audience using the jumper hahaha! The group jumpper was swapped for another jumpper Calvin Klain one.



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More photos

I just want to thank you everyone the work and collaboration that led us to the final outcome. As Millie mentioned too, the group has already got a couple of positive feedback. :) I think we did a good job, and worked a lot. I hope everyone enjoyed it in any way, and learned things that can utilize in the future. Today the exhibition has to be taken down. Please think about which word you want to own. I really would like the designer and believes for me.. :) If it is not a problem. I planned to write the final post (love and hate list as discussed) on Monday evening, so if anyone has more photos or anything to share about the project, feel free to do so until then. As Fabienne also mentioned, could be great to share any ideas, feelings, anything about the final outcome, or about the process below Fabienne’s last post.. or of course you can create your own post about it if you prefer so. See you tomorrow.

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Finally… Just few spot lights and connection b/w designer and jumper….. It look’s amazing

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