love and hate colections

Hi all
By the time of the presentations, I decided to write down the concepts for love and hate of some grops. Unfortunately I didn’t get from the first groups but if you do think that there are some concepts missing so add to this list.

simple/ individual/ humorous/ functional/ unpredictable/ meaningful/ sustainable/ inspirational/ story telling/ combine tradition and modern/ surface/ educative/ entertaining/ emotional/ intuitive/ optimal/ responsable/ ecofriendly/ timeless/ universal/ playful/ ethical/ distinctive/ interactive/ has personality/ rebellious/ environmental friendly/ imaginative/ stimulates/ explore new fields/ applicable/ craftsmanship/ self explanatory

complicated/ misleading/ useless/ incoherent/ impractical/ unbalanced/ disrespectful/ unsustainable/ too literal/ ilogical/ wrong assumptions/ ego/ overvalued/ tacky/ witty/ confusing/ dull/ hypocritical/ immoral/ limiting/ wasteful/ outdated/ overload/ plagiarised/ random/ manipulative/ pretentious/ difficult to mantain/ sends the wrong messages/ vague communication/ inarticulate/ dysfunctional/ dangerous/ poor reproduction/ prescriptive/ untrue/ hazardous/ non functional

I think we could add all this concepts to our list and divide in main concepts, i think it is the same Fabienne proposed.We can also make some grafics or make images relatioons to its main conceps, also giving a chance for personal likesor dislikes of design in our group even though I think that design itself have nothing to do with tastes when we aply to the real world of consumism, even though I also know that every project has something of each person that projected… well…part of the discussion on tuesday. Anyways we could also trace the relation that design have with other disciplines such as art, engenering,filosofy,culture etc as a multidisciplinary aproach that needs so many knowleges to sustain.

See yahh

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  2. cool! thanks! I tried, but it didnt work.

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