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hey guys, I just had an idea.. since our installation is a bit abstract way of showing our thoughts about the design process, I was thinking of balancing it with some catchy/witty/short statements from us (printed black and white, with … Continue reading

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Art installation made through ropes n cords

Hi Guys, I thought to share this Conrad Shawcross’s The Nervous System  

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Research on Materials

I am going through the materials which we can use, and which are easy accessible and cheap, plus strong enough to give body and life to the installation…. Rope is one option, which was discussed earlier.. Plus, Different types of … Continue reading

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Guy I had an idea that in our instalation we could swap the rope for elastic fabric like a cotton lycra. If we buy some meters and cut them in strips and twist them making the nots we make nice … Continue reading

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design process

So we decided that our installation is going to show how we think about the design process. I know what we generally think about it, but I am going a bit deeper , and try to find out more and … Continue reading

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Hi so I am checking the rope possibilities. I did a quick calculation. If the ceiling is about 3 meters high, together with the floor part we will need around 6-6.5meters per rope(we have to count in the knots etc…) … Continue reading

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exhibition thoughts-colours

So it looks like that we have the idea. I think this is an alternative,a little bit abstract way of how we show design process,so from now we have to really know why we do something and how. Let’s see … Continue reading

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Butcher’s Hook- inspiration for the button thing

Hi, This is the project Colin mentioned today! Video and article. Check it out, because it’s a good inspiration for our exhibition. see u

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Where good ideas come from

I thought I will share this TED talk with you. Its interesting and also can be related to our thinking process during the course.

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