Presentation and Schedule to end of term

Hi everyone,

just a recap of what was decided at the end of friday.

We have our presentation of our exhibition piece at 11.15 on tuesday. Please can everybody be there at 10 so we can put together a pdf  presentation. the elements people need to bring to the presentation -

-Pictures of any models – both Alex and Fabienne have models
-Sketches of the final exhibition piece – erico volunteered to make some and we also already have some on the blog
-Summary of the piece – would it be ok if Fabienne could do this? it could be taken from the blog posts that you’ve already written. If not just let everyone know.
-Research for the piece – we should have some rope samples to have a look at on the day but Anna and Anika have volunteered to put together all the inspiration sources and some of the materials suggestions.

the schedule for the rest of the project is:

tues 4th – Presentation & meeting to decide of all materials, colours and measurements.

friday 7th – people who have an apron making the grid or wood structure to be hung. everyone else ordering the rope and any other materials.

tues 11th – preliminary construction and test that everything works.

If you can’t make any of these sessions let everyone know as we’re into construction now and need as many hands as possible.

many thanks – see you tuesday

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  1. :( oh, that’s not good to hear, but don’t worry, we will do a great presentation on tuesday! :) I think it’s both, so we will take your blogpost, if you want us to tell more about it, just write me an email, or post it here, and we ll put it in the presentation!

  2. its ok, thanks!

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