Building the instalation

Hi guys its a shame we couldnt leave the instalation for much longer time as everything should be taken down and it was on friday afternoon. Here some images of our making process which I think would work really nice as a stop motion to blog here. Does anyone can do it? Thanks all for your effort to make at work in the end. We all know many things could have been improved and that could have been different but we just know about that when we experience it at the end. For the ones that could not help for some reason during or in the end please be aware that apart from the stress, really normal in group works like this at the end the experience that we get with it is what matters. Please Millie post the image of the audience using the jumper hahaha! The group jumpper was swapped for another jumpper Calvin Klain one.



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  1. Erico, Can you share these lovely pics on Dropbox….

  2. Some are there already!

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