Wire typo inspiration (just in case.. but I am still for the nail option)

I just found a man and his Etsy shop who does really beautiful wire typography! Here are some examples.

Also I found an article about on of his works, where the author writes: “I love their idea of typography on a wall, easily installed by puncturing two small holes.

Actually I am not sure yet how heavy it can get together with the yarn, but its a good starting point if we choose this option. Also we have to pick quite strong wire, but they can be just machined with special bending tools. Does the school have some stuff like this? I have already worked with wire during my BA, it looks easy, but actually its not that easy to work with. I am also wondering about how to fix the yarn onto the wire… etc..

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  1. When we were testing the letters… it became very heavy… It was very difficult to manage them, that’s why we were thinking of nails, and hooks on the corners of each letter….

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