Hello guys here the other images of our last meeting testing the strings on the wall. I just spoke with Anika about what we should do to make easy the process when everyone come back to Uni. I think we need to plan graphicaly the layout to both walls also plan the spaces of the nails at the chosen typography so it will be easyer if we print when we do the workshop fase. We also need a plan about the colors that should come out of each letter or word.

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  1. OMG!! I LOVE it!!!! :) I wish I could be there! :( Thx guys! :) When will be fixed where we can put our installation and what kind of wall/anything we can get?

  2. I like the wire option too, but I really like how this looks and I think we should keep this option. :) It looks awesome. What do you think which would be better? I know that it depends on the possibilities… but still. The thing I love in this nail/yarn option is that the yarn is really stiff and it looks really good, also I think overall would also look better with all the stiff connections etc… and its also easier to work with, because of the nails, the fixing is easier.

  3. So what we discussed is:
    Three big letters with strong DIN font or font such as Eras Bold ITC

    And sub words with small letters in italics with similar font family.
    budget, time, production

  4. I officially vote for nail and yarn over wire and yarn, because we have done the tests already. The wire looks cool though.

    We still need to figure out how we are going to hang the words if we are not able to make walls.

  5. Hi guys yes, also called Anyka and we were discussing about the tipography which we should have decided already. Because we need to plan how the spaces for the nails on the type and also the colour gradient in every letter (was this my task to do about the colour?)
    As I told you all I will be in Uni just on the 8th January, unfortunately as I have someone from Brazil with me here. I am also freaking out with my other projects. Until then I will send you the layout for the wall if we havent had anything.

  6. The comments i had from Collins is that we can have the wall if we really say so that is something that we really need. We can build ourselves with the guidance of the technitians.

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