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Alternative to Jumper

Hi Guys, I was thinking on the alternative of Jumper, which Colin emphasized to think over.. I am wondering if we use the final hanging thing as DESIGN rather then Jumper, and what we showing is the process, connections and the links … Continue reading

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Wire typo inspiration (just in case.. but I am still for the nail option)

I just found a man and his Etsy shop who does really beautiful wire typography! Here are some examples. Also I found an article about on of his works, where the author writes: “I love their idea of typography on a … Continue reading

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Hello guys here the other images of our last meeting testing the strings on the wall. I just spoke with Anika about what we should do to make easy the process when everyone come back to Uni. I think we … Continue reading

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What to do next

Hey guys, I hope everyone had a nice time, I thought we could summarize the stuff we have to do until the exhibition. We could also make a schedule, so we will know who will work on what, when and … Continue reading

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Merry christmas everyone!

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CertifyD, or Not to CertifyD?

I just came across this interesting article, that I wanted to share with you. The article explicates interesting questions about the certification of (graphic)designers. I remember we went through this topic a few times during our way to answer the … Continue reading

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Guys here some images about string art for us to think how we should combine the strings between one word and another. For the main words I think should be a full word filled with strings but the other ones … Continue reading

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Thinking about how to organise our words and links  I though would be interesting to search some visual inphografics or mind maping. Probably helps to find our particular way of doing it beautiful.

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Hey guys today Anika, Fabienne and I started to think about the organization of the ideas on the wall how the words should be linked and then think afterwords how to trasform this in a beautiful piece. This draft study … Continue reading

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So here are the words, that we are going to use: chance exploration creativity skill sweat designer tools art disciplines craft science believes tools audience emotion expectation function client budget time materials production purpose research The list might get edited … Continue reading

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