Small background of Ideas discussed in last meeting

This Tuesday, after showing presentation to Colin, he responded that your idea represents that,

“Design is an Art Installation”; whereas your message is “Design is a Process”. He asked us to discuss further in group, and make your message clearer.


Then, we came up with the idea to further develop the previous one by placing cotton cloud on top of the ropes, where we have our wooden base to illustrate the beginning of the process, like a brief of design (Problem).

Then the process, which shows ropes and knots in between them, and at the end of rope, we use the same yawn to make the final outcome (Product, made out of same material), i.e. Jumper/Scarf/Rug as a solution (Problem Solving).

Based on the expression of Colin:

“In beginning, there is everything and nothing, and in end, there is an outcome.”

In this Idea, the raw materials involved are: Metal Wires, Wooden Plank, Raw Cotton Balls (clouds), Cotton Ropes, and Knitting needles.



And then, we had conversation with Colin again, he liked it this time, and then he suggested you can even think of using more room space or something…..


Therefore, we came up with knocking of the ropes and cotton Balls, and using “Wool” instead of different colors coming from all around the exhibition area such as, Corners of the ceilings, from the stairs, pillars, library etc, which means placing hooks/holders all across.

And then these web of wool joins together at our exhibition space and then, there is the process (not with ropes, but with wool), however the final fine yawn knit together to make a Multicolored Jumper.

Raw materials involved in this idea are: Lot of Wool with different shades, Hooks & Knitting needles


Milli is making a mini version of that by Friday.

Please also post the sketch of the Idea, I think Erico and Alex have them.

We need to do further research and measurement of the same, therefore next meeting at 11:00 am in Library on Thursday.

See you there…







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  1. We are in the library (Fabienne, Erico, me) but no one else :( ..

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