Idea details

So attached to the idea that i wrote about, one word could be made form rope led light..

or christmas tree lights..

other part from wood or styrofoam or even textile… big letters, that you have to move, and reorder

we have to take care of the details..



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  1. That’s what I was saying at one of our last meetings, to use rope lights. If we cover it with some textiles it does’t look like christmas decoration.

  2. yep but not just rope lights.. i dont think we should cover it

  3. the idea is about the interaction. that ppl have to make it kind of work.. in Fabienne’s idea I cant see that, its also a stabil piece like the old idea. maybe that’s why we could do something like this. and also. maybe all the words will be with the hook method i posted, its not necessary to mix the methods.

  4. I think it is a good idea to use words and be explicit. Even after we added hte pullover made out of thread the feedback was still the same: our idea was too abstract. If we have words that explicitly say “Design is . . . process” then there is no confusion.

    I think it would be best to use one method so that it doesnt look too messy. If we have some words lit up with the tubes and another made out of thread and hooks it will not be cohesive.

  5. yes, for example this is another thing we have to discuss, if we just want to use one method, or more. I am still thinking..

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