Alternative to Jumper

Hi Guys,

I was thinking on the alternative of Jumper, which Colin emphasized to think over..

I am wondering if we use the final hanging thing as DESIGN rather then Jumper, and what we showing is the process, connections and the links which are involved in Design…

So we are not getting identified with one product, I know that using wool has then different meaning to it.

Like a visual representation of What is Design?

I called Millie for the status of Jumper, let her come back with the status…

So taking the suspension as….


So, it can be made of Wool, like The letters D E S I G N






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  1. I don’t know I was also thinking about it, but I think we can stay by the pullover.. I am not sure this would represent better what we want to say

  2. The jumper is an object that has been designed, our whole idea was that design is not a thing but a process that we go through to create things that hopefully achieve a purpose (at least that was my idea that I am now projecting onto everything we do). The jumper is a culmination of all the different influences and elements that are shown by the words.

    With the jumper it will show that design is a process that produces results. It also goes with the ‘added value’ idea because the piece takes wool and weaves them into a jumper, this adds value to the wool and makes it something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Although Colin loved this idea we did not understand it so I don’t think it is something we should focus on, but it does add an extra talking point to our thing.

  3. One more thing:

    I think the woolen knitted jumper will provide a nice contrast to the hard lines of the words and the wool stretched between them, it will be more aesthetically interesting than if the entire thing where to be made out of words.

  4. i agree

  5. Ya, I agree to some extent… It was just a suggestion for an alternative to Jumper… So fine…

    And I had a word with Millie, so she was telling me that Jumper with knitted colors is coming up really well, she will bring it on 8 January.

  6. :) cool

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