Cube Results

These are the results from our cube play. These are the values that were used most:
( ‘=’ indicates ‘equal to’ or ‘used equal times’)

Functional = Unique
Emotional = Process
Styling = Ethical
Response = Integrity
Evolution = Added Value

It is worth saying these were worked out like a league table – with numerical value attached to how often and in what size the cube was used. This may not be the ideal way to work it out! It does seem artificial and detached.
From talking today the group decided that the making and playing with these toys had been helpful visual and communication aids. Although now we have the ‘results’ we find that they may not perfectly express how we feel!
We decided to spend a little time thinking about what we agree with and don’t agree with in this list and to try and identify a point of interest that we can progress from. This point might be one of the values or a conclusion from the process – we are aiming to take something personal and interesting from these experiments that we can use as a starting point for our exhibition piece.

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  1. Erico said he did it, I don’t have the images! We are gonna meet on Friday, at 11 if I remember correctly but you said you have a workshop all day then?

  2. Erico told me, that he will send them to mee. So I can put on the blog. Yes Friday, 11.

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