The very last post. A retrospection to our love and hate list. (please feel free to edit)

As the last post on this blog you can see here a short retrospection, our love and hate list. We thought that it would be a nice finish to look back, and think about the route we went through during this 3 and a half months connected to the topic, what is design. What I think about that route is that even if it looks a bit chaotic (which I think is not a negative point) we still have words and values which we consciously maintained from the list to the final outcome. The connection between the list and the installation is our manifesto, which I think as a guide helped us a lot. I also think that if we would have the possibility and the time -as it is by any other design “solution”, too- and if we could rethink this whole project again, maybe we would come out with a totally different answer and outcome at the end. (Actually I am sure about it.) The question what is design for me is something that I think every designer from time to time should ask himself in a way and with knowing, that it is impossible to give a final proper answer to it. For me just the question itself has a philosophy or feature, that can make us aware of important values and our role, that we might tend to forget sometimes. Personally I design since approximately 4-5 years and never really asked myself this question. I don’t say that it cleared up my mind and now I know everything about design…exactly the opposite: I am more confused about it, but also I feel that I became a little bit more conscious as a designer (at least I hope) since I actually deal with this question and topic. I am glad, that this happened at the beginning of my “designer life”, and I hope that this 3 and a half months had any kind of good impact on your designer life, too. I think this question can make us ask more and more other questions too, which is good, because questioning should be one of the most important inherent feature of a designer. I would advise to everyone to continue dealing with this question on your own, and not to look at this period as a finished one, however it feels good to take a break after these intense times I know. I hope everyone could learn something during this time. I enjoyed the debates and discussions with you, and wish everyone all the best for your future!

If you have any feeling or message that you want to share about the list or the process, please feel free to edit this post as much you want! Personally I am interested in any kind of a final response connected to this topic from you.

Fabienne: My opinion has not changed in terms of the items that we selected for the initial list. I think my opinion might have changed, however, in terms of what I consider “good” and “bad” design. We’ve had the discussion that good design fulfills its purpose – even if the purpose is evil. So it is eventually up to the designers as individuals, whether they want to achieve and fulfil certain goals with their designs. I do believe that even evil design can be absolutely brilliant, if it fulfills its purpose well. In retrospect I also think the initial question should not have been about designs we love or hate. Or alternatively, the question of the exhibition should have been “what is good/bad design”. Because this would have created a much more interesting conversation on the fact that some designs can be absolutely ingenious, but personally we still hate them.


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