What to do next

Hey guys, I hope everyone had a nice time, I thought we could summarize the stuff we have to do until the exhibition. We could also make a schedule, so we will know who will work on what, when and where. Last time when we spoke about the typography part, we were thinking about to use our own handwriting, maybe we could think about it again, couldn’t be more consistent to use a handwriting looking typeface that we agree on. Here are some examples. I think it could work fine as we spoke about it before, we just print the words out, and put the nails in it, then we can remove the paper and we are “ready”.

and some more inspirational pictures here, also with severaly typo solutions:




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  1. I love the wire letter covered with the wool, could be an option if we have problems in having the wall.

  2. i agree

  3. The wire letter with wool looks good.

    When we spoke before we were going to use a all caps sans serif typeface for the three main words and all the others using a script typeface or just handwritten. However I like the wire wool one a lot, I think it would be just as good if we used thicker wire for the three main words and thinner for the others. As Erico said, this could be used if we have problems with the wall.

  4. Regardless of whether we will use the wire or the wood-nail solution, I am for using just one typeface. We still can make some bigger and some smaller.

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