Making the Jumper

just thought I’d add the process photos for making the jumper since I was summarising it for assessment -


I wanted to achieve a smooth gradient of colours from bright and warm to cold and dark. I started by arranging the colours into sets of two – these would be knitted together.

these were knitted in the following pattern

colour combination A, colour combination A, colour combination B, colour combination A.

and repeated through all giving a smooth gradient.

This formed the lower part of the jumper:

and was repeated on the back. I decided to make the back hang down slightly longer than the from allowing the viewer to see the construction inside and for the gradient of colours to be more gentle. we then wanted to thread some colours up into the main body of the jumper.

I enjoyed this part a lot and thought the threads of colour could be likened to veins coming out from the ‘heart’ of the jumper – reminding viewer that the jumper represents both a designed object and the person inside it – which is why we chose a jumper to begin with.

Finally finished the ends of the jumper – this decision was made with the rest of the group and required some adjustment, initially both sides had open threads but we decided to have all threads trailing from a single point in the final exhibit. this meant sewing up and weaving in the threads from one side and extending the threads from the other side.

Before the jumper was inserted into the exhibit it needed to be pressed and padded which Madina and Yuan Xue helped me with in the fashion dept.


We lastly had to find a way to attach the hamper into the exhibit. I chose to use twisted string as it contrasted with the straight strings in the rest of the exhibit and it linked to my original knitting where I had twisted colours together. The twisted ends of the jumper we thought looked between loose and constructed and properly showed that transition from ‘design ideas’ to ‘design craft’ in the exhibit.

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